Richard Bowman
"Kinetogenics 2" 1956 Flourescent paint on canvas 31x39"

Richard Bowman
"Rock and Fragment" 1945 Oil on canvas 40x54"


Richard Bowman grew up in Northern Illinois and moved to Chicago in 1938 to attend the Art Institute. After graduating in 1942 with a BFA, Bowman received the Edward L. Ryerson Traveling fellowship and traveled to Mexico where he met the Brittish Surrealist painter, Gordon Onslow Ford in the village of Erongaricuaro, Michoacan.

Richard writes that Gordon "was the first Modern and involved painter I had ever met. With his uncanny genius, he is capable of revealing new perceptions to many individuals". The next day, Richard returned to paint the lake, the mountains and the setting sun. It was the beginning of a series that he called the "Rock and Sun".

Richard went on to receive in 1949 his Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Iowa where he studied with Mauricio Lasansky. Richard taught at the Art Institute of Chicago in the 1940's, then went with a fellow graduate of the University of Iowa to start an art program at the University of Manitoba in Canada. In the late 1950's, he and his wife Peggy moved to the Bay Area in Northern California where he continued to teach and paint.

Richard Bowman passed away on December 10, 2001.

Richard Bowman
"Rock " 1946 oil on canvas 3x48"

Dynomorph Series
"Dynamorph 83" 1973 Flourescent Paint 31x39
no longer available