Past Exhibitions

The Creamery - F U N K ART etc. from Bodega

The 8 gallery presents a show on California Artists that worked, lived and were associated with The Creamery in Bodega Bay. The show will include works by Wally Hedrick, William Morehouse, Michele Morehouse, Peter Forakis, David Hamilton, Bill Wheeler, and Richard Faralla.

Opening Reception Nov. 16th, 4-8, Winter 2007.




Past Exhibitions

Malcolm Lubliner: lens on L.A. artists

The 8 gallery presents mostly vintage black-and-white photographs by photographer Malcolm Lubliner of participants in the L.A. art scene during the 1960s and 1970s. Shown are vintage prints of Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella, Claes Oldenburg, Richard Serra, and locals, John Baldessari, Sam Francis, John Altoon, Larry Bell, Ron Davis, and Masami Teraoka. Also included are recent prints from the period of Wallace Berman, Ed Ruscha, H.C. Westermann, and others.

Curated by Patricia Albers.

Sept. 27 to Nov.1, 2007.
Malcolm Lubliner Photos


Wood Sculpture in Northern California

featuring works by James Prestini,
JB Blunk,
Arthur Espenet,
Jeremy Anderson, Richard Faralla, and others.

Summer 2007

James Prestini
James Prestini

Rose Rabow Retrospective

featuring works by Gordon Onslow Ford, Lee Mullican, Julius Wasserstein, Richard Bowman, Michael Wehrstedt, Sidney Gordin, Sabro Hasegawa, Fred Reichman, and others.

jan 11th- feb. 14th. 2007

Gordon Onslow Ford
Gordon Onslow Ford "Today" 1956

noir et blanc

featuring works by frank lobdell, james budd dixon, george stillman, william morehouse, erle loran, thierry rosset, fritz rauh, jean conner, malcolm lubliner, fariba bogarzan and others.
sculptures by michael wehrstedt, richard faralla.

sept. 28th - november 18th. 2006

Frank Lobdell
Frank Lobdell 1948

Summer 2006

Fritz Rauh & John Baxter

Fritz Rauh 1974


Sept 7 thru the 15th

the 6 gallery
Jay Defeo, Walley Hedrick & Joan Brown at The 6 Gallery
photo courtesy C.R. Snyder

Holiday Exhibition 2006

Newly acquired paintings and works on paper offered by reknowned artists Nathan Oliveira, Erle Loran, Frank Lobdell, Deborah Remington, Claire Falkenstein, Joan Mitchell, Lawrence Calcagno, Jean Conner, Peter Shoemaker, Mason Wells, Masuma Kanemitsu and many others.

Deborah Remington
Deborah Remington "Anathema" 1952