Gordon Onslow Ford
"Today" 1956 casein on birch paper on canvas 24.5 x 39"

Untitled 1956 casein on birch paper on canvas 24.5 x 39"


Gordon Onslow Ford

Art News, Summer 1959, Herschel Chipp


The recent “After Surrealism” exhibition attempted to define some of the influence of that movement on the concepts of contemporary art. It does most justice to the central group itself - those artists around Breton in Paris: Ernst, Massson, Miro and Tanguy - while other phases of the venture into the irrational, such as the proto-Surrealism of Chirico, are minimized and Chagall, unhappily, is omitted altogether. The theme is primarily the effects of the movement on American painting, and hence those artists who transmitted it to this country - especially Matta- are well represented by significant early works. Two of them, Paalen and Onslow Ford, eventually came to the West Coast, and they are included here as a later stage. Among American painters, skeptical of organized movements and literary movements in particular, the ideologies of European Surrealism became diffused and merged into the common artistic heritage. (San Francisco Museum)