Summer 2006


John Baxter "Confessions of the Yellow Whale"



The Bay Area has a rich history of artist friends and artist collaborations. Both Fritz Rauh and John Baxter were gallery artists at the Rose Rabow Galleries along with Gordon Onslow Ford. Through Onslow Ford, Fritz met Rose Rabow and began to exhibit with her in 1967. Sundays, many of the Rose Rabow Gallery artists would meet at the Onslow Ford's home in Bishop Pines Inverness. From there, John Baxter and Fritz Rauh would head out to the Limotaur Beach at Point Reyes for inspiration. Fritz Rauh's wife, Alix, recalls that the two friends would return to Inverness at the end of a long afternoon with bags full of found objects. Subsequently, each artist would assemble these beach "treasures" into sculptures, and give them whimsical titles like "TheConfessions of the Yellow Whale." After Baxter's death in 1966, Fritz Rauh ceased to make the assemblage sculptures and instead concentrated on his paintings.

The 8 gallery is proud to present selected works by these two unique Bay Area abstract artists.


Fritz Rauh 1977