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Swinging in the Shadows


Sept 7 thru the 15th, 2006

Jay DeFeo and Wally Hedrick
Jay Defeo, Walley Hedrick & Joan Brown at The 6 Gallery
photo courtesy C.R. Snyder

Join us for a Silent Art Auction starting September 7th, at 7:30PM to benefit Swinging in the Shadows, a documentary film that chronicles a vital period in California and San Francisco’s cultural history. Donated paintings, collages, drawings, photographs, books and catalogs will be on display in the gallery and available for silent bidding throughout the following week.

Auction items include artwork from Hassel Smith, Frank Lodell, Deborah Remington, George Herms, David Meltzer, Aggie Falk, Jack Hirschman and others from the period. Also, for sale are photographs of the California Beat Era by Charles Brittin, Gui (de Angulo) Mayo and C. R. Snyder along with posters, books of poetry, and rare catalogs from the Estate of Jay DeFeo. Proceeds from the auction will be used for final post-production expenses; expected release of the film, Winter 2007.

Local Producer/Director Mary Kerr will be on hand Friday evening, Sept. 7, to show work-in-progress scenes and discuss the period along with other well-known ‘players’ from the 50s art scene.

Just a few of the highlights from the auction:
Frank Lobdel
Frank Lobdell
Hassel Smith
Hassel Smith

George Herms
Deborah Remington
Deborah Remington
Jane & Hube
Jane Belson & Hubert (Hube the Cube) late 50's