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Wallace Berman


Wallace Berman
Wallace Berman- Poster, Framed/Signed 18" x 22"
Price upon request

Wallace Berman, Artist 1926-1976
Wallace Berman has been called the "father" of assemblage art and a "crucial figure in the history of postwar California art". He moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco in late 1957 where he mostly focused on his magazine Semina, which consisted of poetry, photographs, texts, drawings and images assembled by Berman. In 1961 he came back to L.A., then moved to Topanga Canyon in 1965. He started creating his series of Verifax Collages in 1963 or 1964.  Director Dennis Hopper, a collector of Berman's work, gave Berman a small role in his 1968 film Easy Rider.  He produced work until his sudden death in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, in 1976