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Fred Reichman


Fred Reichman Painting
Fred Reichman "Squirrel" 1962
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Fred Reichman, Painter, 1925- 2005

Fred Reichman taught at the University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Davis, San Francisco Art Institute and the University of California extension in San Francisco. As an artist, he originally worked from his imagination and was influenced by Paul Klee creating abstract landscapes. His focus shifted after traveling in Europe and seeing the great Asian art collections with an emphasis on Japanese art. Reichman's mature style and inspiration evolved from a combination of Western European, West Coast and Eastern influences including C�zanne, Matisse, Pascin, Piazzoni, Sengai, Chu-ta and haiku poetry, in particular Issa. Like the haiku poetry he loved, Reichman's work was based on personal observation of the intimate with "a focus on nature with compression and economy of means".