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JB Blunk


JB Blunk Vase
JB Blunk Vase - 1977
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JB Blunk Salad Paddles
JB Blunk Salad Paddles

JB Blunk
JB Blunk- Wood Sculpture/Stool
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JB Blunk, Sculptor, Ceramicist 1926-2003

JB Blunk is closely associated with the group of Northern California artists influenced by surrealist Gordon Onslow Ford. Introduced to Isamu Noguchi while in Japan, Blunk became good friends with Noguchi and later other artists Jean Tinguely and Lee Mullican. J.B. Blunk studied ceramics and then turned to sculpture after moving to Inverness in Northern California. Drawing from Eastern influences, is sculptures often straddle the line between functional and natural inspiration. Because of his exquisite craftsmanship in wood working, he is often compared to other California artists Arthur Espenet, Sam Maloof, and John Stocksdale.

Selected Collections- Leonard Park, New York; San Francisco Museum of Art; Oakland Museum; University of California, Santa Cruz; Objects USA