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Richard Faralla


Richard Faralla Oval
Richard Faralla "Sebastopol Reflection" 1983

Richard Faralla- Sculptor, Painter, 1916-1996

Attended CSFA (F.F.A. in 1955) and San Francisco State College 1956. Previously a painter, he turned in 1959 to sculptures and reliefs assembled from small scraps of wood, which he generally painted black or white; like the wood sculptures of Louise Nevelson, they were built around an essentially Cubist formal vocabulary, animated by a Byzantine intricacy of surface pattern and richness of texture. His earliest works were mosaics made of geometric bits of wood gathered from construction sites. In the early 1960's he began to use driftwood and his constructions became more organic.

Richard Faralla Sculpture
Richard Faralla "Zulu 1" 1988

Richard Faralla Oval

Richard Faralla "Black Oval" 1983