Michael Wehrstedt
1976 approximately 29x33x14

Michael Wehrstedt

San Francisco Chronicle review by Alfred Frankenstein, 1976:
Michael Wehrstedt was one of the best of the young Bay Region artists brought forward in the “Introductions 74” series two years ago, and his second performance at the Rose Rabow Galleries on Leavenworth Street repeats the success.

He does smoothly polished highly musical abstractions in marble and in wood often suggesting starting points in the human body, but carried on into highly inventive and totally original forms. He has the rythms and the perfect surfaces of an Arp and something of the heroic outreach of a Brancusi. Unlike either he makes much of the grain of wood and the veining of marble as major elements of design.

It is usually most unfair to compare a young man like Wehrstedt with such masters as Arp and Brancusi. In his case, it is not unfair at all. He takes his place as an original figure in their tradition.